Air India Web Check in Guidlines

Air India is India?s National flag carrier. It is been administrator by government of India and it is considered to be the oldest Airlines in the country. Air India has its two major hubs Indira Gandhi international Airport, New Delhi and at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport respectively. Air India contains the fourth largest share in India's domestic Aviation market, right after the private leaders Air India, Kingfisher airlines and Indigo airlines. Since its merger to Indian Airlines, Air India has faced many problems in its operations But Air India is making every effort to make a mark and really trying hard towards it. Air India web check in facility is an indication towards it.

Air India web check in facility allows its passengers to do check in online and as a result do not need to show their presence at the airport 3-4 hours before the departure time of their flight. This facility has allowed customers to experience higher level of convenience with saving of their precious time. It has always been believed that if the waiting time after check in at the airport can be reduced to some extent, nothing can be better than that. With a strong determination to prove and with emerging revolution called Internet, Air India web check in services has reached a new level of success. With more and more people opting for it and making it as their magic stick for saving time that too at the convenience of their home or Office.

Air India web check in allows you to check in online and gives you the opportunity to select your choice of seats together with an option to print your boarding pass as well. What more you can expect from a technology that gives you convenience without any kind of hassle. Go for Air Indi a web check in facility to experience this technology at its best and your service!

For detailed information, visit official website of Air India and get all the details. Read the instructions carefully before opting for Air India web check in facility. So go ahead with Air India web check in facility!

Air India Web Checkin

When it comes to Indian national flag carrier, it is Air India. Air India is the oldest airlines in the country and liked by people by its various services. Air India is trying hard to gain more and more customers and making every possible step towards it. With all its new additions Air India web check in facility is highly appreciated by people. Air India web check in facility allows all its customers to get their boarding passes issued online at the convenience of their home or office.

I am sure this is the extent of technology. Air India web check in gives you the privilege to save your time and offers you great convenience. Air India web check in process goes like this:

Step 1: Go to official website of Air India
Step 2: Browse the website, on the left corner you will find ?Manage your trip ?button. When you will drag the cursor over it, you will find the option ?web check in?. Click it.
Step 3: You will find a new window, there you will see various options, choose one among them as your identification option: Electronic ticket number, Passenger Name and flight details, frequent flyer card number, Credit card number.
Step 4: Select any one choice and click continue to proceed further.
Step 5: You need to fill in all the required input in the given boxes as in your ticket and click continue to proceed further or in case if you want to edit any information, click back.
Step 6: Select your city of Origin from the list provided and click continue. All the information entered should be valid and accurate else it will not allow you to move further.
Step 7: After validating all the information, system will ask for seat of your choice. Select your preferred seating locations.
Step 8: System will issue you a boarding pass and you will be allowed to take print outs of your boarding pass.
Step 9: Take print outs to show at the air port for your boarding in the plane.
Few simple steps and you are done with the web check in process. Always keep in mind to be very careful while opting for it. Air India web check in has its own constraints and so not everyone can go for it, so read all the rules and conditions thoroughly.